Monday, 6 May 2013

summer party 2013 @ Cordova Home Village

We had our summer party yesterday May 5, 2013 (Sunday)  at Cordova Home Village. I wasn't planning to be there but i remember last year's summer party, my workmates admit, was the best party ever. I might again regret of not joining the party this time, especially that i haven't gone to the said place yet and that i now have this passion to travel.haha! At 2:46 PM, I texted my team lead that i was on my way to the office to ride with the service bus at 3 PM. But the thing is, i lied! I was not on my way to the office yet. She texted back that the bus will be leaving the office at 3:30 PM. I didn't know that there were 3 buses. Anyhow, I still went to the office hoping that i can still catch up with the bus ride. Left our house at 3:40 PM and arrived there at 4:20 PM. LE tours tourist bus was waiting in front of the office. I honestly thought it was not the service bus since there were only a few people who were in it and that i didn't know the people who were in there. Glad that there were 2 team leads for online and they advised me this is our third bus. Indeed, i was sooo lucky enough that it was the third bus to give us a lift to Cordova Home Village. It really pays to wait... hmmmm... i mean, to be late! lol.....

Here's the photo of our lift to Cordova Home Village which i only had the chance to take when we get there at the said place. I was upset coz i left my cam, no choice but i have to use my phone cam :c

a pic taken inside the bus while we were waiting for the big bosses before we left the office! ;p

Here i have as well, taken some pics of the place.

please bear with me for the "not so splendid" photos.

For the very first time, during the raffle draw portion of the affair, my name was picked. I was asked to go up stage to claim it, that i almost slip near the pool when i ran to claim my prize. I thought it was an electronic device but was so happy i got a laundry basket. I never dared to buy this although i badly need it. My reason is, I don't find it worth the price. lol...

I ride with the first bus that arrived at Cordova Home Village on my way back home. The bus left the place at 9:45 PM and i arrived home at 10:30 PM. It was a fun experience though there were not enough food to eat (wala ko ka kaon sa salad). Nevertheless, i had enough food to satisfy my starving tummy. 

Thank God for the blessings you always shower upon me. My good friends who were there to enjoy the night with me, good food and easy to get along office mates. Many, many, many thanks! ;)

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