Saturday, 11 May 2013

midterm election; vote wisely on may 13, '13


The 2013 Philippine general election on May 13, 2013 will be a midterm election, as the officials elected will be sworn in on June 30, 2013, or midway from President Benigno Aquino III's term of office. 

I had my follow up check up last Friday because i'm beginning to feel pain again in my abdomen. I got paranoid so i went straight to my OB-GYNE. All lab tests were done on Thursday and got the results the next day. Went to my OB-GYNE's clinic, she simply interpreted the lab results were normal and the pain i felt was just associated to "Mittelschmerz" which occurs on the side of the ovary that's ovulating. The thing is, both of my ovaries are ovulating so it's really possible for me to get pregnant if i want to. My physician asked me then, during our conversation, "kompleto na ang line up nimu sa election?", which in English means, Is your line up this coming election already complete?  I laughed. I didn't know what to tell her. It's really no big deal for me to VOTE. i honestly vote just because i have to. And i have to because of no particular reason behind it. 

Until yeterday when i browse on recent articles related to this upcoming election, I came across the VOTE WISELY quote, 

"Realistically you have but two choices and how you vote is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. One of the candidates will lead you to total despair and utter hopelessness. To other, to total extinction. I'm sure you'll have the courage to vote and vote wisely!" 

After reading the writer's quote, I stopped and thought about it. We certainly need to think a couple of times to vote for the best candidate, however, on another point of view, how can we pinpoint on the best ones when we don't know the candidates by soul? 

Anyhow, the quote above follow through. Though we ain't that convinced enough as to who we should vote for and who really deserves your VOTE (that counts!), we should contemplate on who really is best among all the candidates who are vying for their respective positions and we're left with no choice but to choose the best and to VOTE and to VOTE WISELY! 

I'll leave this to Him then. God i pray that you help me pick the best leader, who would lead the nation rightfully, fairly, and befittingly. God please hear the Filipino people's prayers! 

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