I genuinely know the fact that there are a lot of devotees, many as well, whose prayers have been answered would continue to pay homage and give thanks to Sto. Nino whom is the representation of baby Jesus that was brought by Magellan hundreds of years ago (if I were to recall, I think that was year 1521, am I right?)

I was, as well, recently invited by officemates to attend the 9-day novena. We have attended the 9-day ceremony before Sinulog 2013 event. This time, I can tell, I felt a strange and extraordinary feeling. I honestly felt His presence. Tears would come streaming down my face while the mass was continuously conveyed. Though there were times when it rained, the solemnity of it still remains. I was touched and very impressed with the people who went there and pay tribute, brought their images of Sto Nino with them and those who have completed the 9-day novena. I was amazed and I couldn’t believe that I have accomplished my plan to be a part of the complete 9-day ceremony. That I would consider would be my most significant, notable or should I say exceptional experience that I can share to my kids (if I’d be given a chance to raise and nurture even one, God willing!).