Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Labor Day; 1st May 2013, a regular holiday it is for Filipinos

taken from gov.ph

It’s 1st of May today and Filipino people tag this as “Labor Day” which is (as what I have read in philnews.ph) listed as one of the country’s 15 national holidays for 2013 based upon the President’s Proclamation 459 signed by Pres. Aquino last year. According to Philippine History, the 1st Labor Day celebration was held on May 01, 1903 in a massive, cumbersome rally which is done by Democratic Labor’s Union whose main goal is to express the workers’ economic rights.

As a result, it was then considered and affirmed by the Philippine government that May 01, 2013 is Labor Day and has been renowned one of the National Regular Holidays. This means that Filipino workers are entitled to get “at least 100% of his/ her minimum wage rate” even if he/ she did not report for work on this day. However, for those who have reported for work, employees are entitled to get 200% of their regular rate for every hour rendered which basically means will be paid additional 100% premium for the work within shift and 260% per hour of overtime work (work rendered beyond the shift). Provided that employees should be present or should be on leave of absence with pay on the work day preceding the holiday for them to get the holiday premium.

This year’s Labor Day is a working day for most Filipinos as the day falls on a week day which is specifically Wednesday. Glad that I have returned back to work that I am as well entitled to the holiday premium. I was away for quite a while due to some crucial matter that I had to rest, take a breather and busy myself with some stress reliever activities and relaxation techniques. In that way, I have accumulated strategies on how to achieve serenity spiritually, emotionally, physically and in all aspects of myself as a human being. It’s really great as well that traveling to different parts of Cebu had to be a part of it because it helps me appreciate and embrace the beauty of God’s creation. It is, as well, one way to alleviate stress from work. It’s really kind of fulfilling to visit different places in Cebu as this is where I was born (back in my younger years, quite shameful I haven’t gone to all travel destinations here in Cebu and I didn’t really appreciate the opportunity to witness nature at its best). *wink* I’ve been to Southern part of Cebu; from Carcar’s Mainit-Mabugnaw Spring, Basdaku (Moalboal), Obong Spring (Dalaguette), Tingco Beach (Alcoy), Badian, Alegria, Alcantara, to Sambuan. And I’ve also been to Northern part of Cebu; from Lilloan, Danao, Barili, Carmen, Catmon, to Santiago Bay Resort (Camotes Island).

I’m still craving to visit and witness more travel destinations here in Cebu and I still feel the desire to explore every tourist spot that my birthplace has to offer.

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