Saturday, 1 June 2013

chili buttered shrimp masterpiece... c;

I have been wanting to try this but never really had the time to. Until early this afternoon, since i had nothing to get myself busy of, i went to the grocery store here in my place to buy shrimps and all the other ingredients needed. When i got back home, i got so excited, i immediately tried to prepare it.

Here I have the list of the ingredients i used:

1. shrimps
2. chili powder
3. black pepper
4. lemon soda
5. black pepper
6. salt
7. butter
8. cooking oil


1. i marinated the shrimps on lemon soda.
2. Started to heat a bit of cooking oil.
3. After about a minute or two, put the butter into the cooking oil.
4. After the butter has melted, put the shrimp into the cooking oil and butter mix.
5. in the next 8-10 minutes, the shrimps would then change to orange color.
6. Sprinkle a bit of black pepper and chili powder to taste.
7. Done with my chili buttered shrimp masterpiece then.
8. Transfer to a serving plate and serve.

I can't explain why i only find this so fun to do now; how i wish i should have done this before! ;)

Here are some of the photos of my "chili buttered shrimp" masterpiece... 

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